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BarrierBreak is a leading offshore digital accessibility firm with a global footprint in 14+ countries. We provide accessibility consulting, auditing and testing services to ensure your digital solutions conform to WCAG 2.2, 2.1 & 2.0, Section 508 Testing, and create a VPAT for your product. We also remediate documents like PDFs, PDF forms, PPTs, Office documents to ensure they meet PDF/UA, WCAG, Section 508 & HHS requirements.

With more than 20 years of leading the conversation on accessibility in the offshore markets, we are a team of 260+ with 50% of the accessibility testing team being people with disabilities.

Our accessibility testing team consists of Accessibility Professionals who are certified including holding IAAP Certified CPACC, WAS, CPWA & DHS Trusted Tester certification.
DEOC is a trusted advisor for many corporations in the area of inclusion of people with disabilities in workspaces and educational institutions. We provide policy consultancy, accessibility and customised trainings in the area. We are a team of cross disability specialists, policy experts, universal design architects and technology experts. We have done extensive study on universal design, national/ international accessibility standards, UNCRPD and RPWD Act 2016. DEOC received the Javed Abidi Public Policy Award for Universal Design in 2018. We are one of the empanelled Access Auditors of Government of India. We are currently working with more than 80 corporations, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, HUL, Nestle, Brookfield, DLF, Embassy, several financial organizations, UN Organisations - UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO etc. to just name a few.
Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA)’s solution to the problem of low economic participation rates of Persons with Disabilities is to create an economic ecosystem that caters to every need of an individual. We are fostering and nurturing an entrepreneurial ecosystem via a 300-hour program by incubating 5000 Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (EwDs) who in turn generate and facilitate 10,000 jobs across 15 states by 2028.

IDEA is INDIA’S first-of-its-kind tech-enabled startup in the inclusion sector for persons with disabilities. IDEA works as a stakeholder aggregator that creates a common platform for Persons with Disabilities supported and integrated by an ICT Platform which is meant to be a one-stop solution for all the Divyangjan needs with regard to Accessibility, Skill Development, Employment, Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship. It is structured in a way that helps a PwD to become self-employed or to start and run their own businesses. The Divyangjan Incubation Centre (DIC) which works to provide training support to PWDs to help them to establish and run their own business. Opens up new avenues and encourages them to Dream, Explore and Aspire, Job Awareness Guidance and Opportunities (JAGO) model to connect PwDs with the right job and Self Employment opportunities; Divyangjan Hunar and Atmanirbhar Network (DHAN) as a common platform for PwD entrepreneurs, working professionals, self-employed professionals for long term sustainability and growth.
National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) is a cross-disability, non-profit organization, working as an interface between government, industry, and international agencies, towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities. For the last 27 years, NCPEDP has been working for the rights of persons with disabilities and has established itself as a leading cross-disability organization on this subject. It envisions a society where persons with disabilities live as equal members. It aims to promote the equality of persons with disabilities through its research and advocacy activities, keeping a rights-centred approach and consistently striving to move away from traditionally held views of charity.

NCPEDP works on 6 core pillars of the organization, namely, Employment, Education, Access, Policy & Law, Awareness and Youth. NCPEDP has also constituted the National Disability Network (NDN) and National Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (NCRPD), a cross-disability network which comprises disability sector leaders, organizations of persons with disabilities, and subject matter experts from across the country. Since 1996, NCPEDP has successfully advocated for several policies that have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people with disabilities in India.
The National Association for the Blind Delhi is dedicated to empowering visually impaired individuals through education, employment, and advocacy. With a rich history spanning several decades, we have successfully implemented various programs fostering inclusive workplaces and accessibility. Our team is committed to driving positive change and creating a barrier-free society.
SignAble Communications specializes in providing ISL interpretation services to enhance communication and integration for deaf individuals in the workforce. Our services are designed to improve accessibility and inclusivity across various industry sectors.
Social Equity Advisory Services is a consulting firm focused on Accessibility & Inclusion of people with disabilities at the workplace. The organization aims to support organizations journey to become Accessible, Disability Inclusive and Compliant to Rights for Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act 2016. Social Equity pioneers in its service offering and has supported several MNCs, large and midsized organizations. Social Equity’s portfolio of service includes –

  • Disability Inclusion Services
  • RPWD16 Compliance services
  • Accessibility & Inclusivity Audit
Social Equity’s Disability Inclusion services are based on a unique ABCD Approach

(a) Awareness creation and capacity building,
(b) Build inclusion eco-system and
(c) Connect (helping organization to hire right candidates)
(d) Development & Retention of employees with disabilities
Setup in 2013, v-shesh is an award-winning impact enterprise working on disability inclusion by assisting Persons with Disabilities in accessing training and jobs, and organisations with disability inclusion. v-shesh is structured as a business in its efforts to build a self-sustaining organization.
v-shesh’s team is an example of diversity both in terms of gender (40% women) and disability (25% Persons with Disabilities) with colleagues based in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

v-shesh’s work in disability inclusion has been recognized with National Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities from Government of India. It is also listed amongst the Top 10 Diversity consultants in the Global Diversity List (supported by The Economist)
Youth4Jobs is a one stop shop for companies to help them in their journey of inclusion and diversity. The vision is to mainstream disability in workplaces by demonstrating the business case of hiring this youth pool. It supports companies with services ranging from sensitisation workshops for different disabilities ; job role mapping, sign language workshops, accessibility ; making HR policies inclusive etc.
SwarajAbility is the AI triggered, accessible job platform where companies, governments, NGOs and youth with disabilities register for job placements.
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